Smogon vgc 2014 teams

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images smogon vgc 2014 teams

While Discharge may seem more appealing, after Garchomp is down it will hit your Pokemon as well. Just wanna say u should have at least 2 and preferably three trick room setters. Support Gengar has no issues getting the job done. As the title says this is a team I've put together and played about 50 games with on Pokemon Showdown. Its a D, totally a D. So that's my team. Thank you for your time. Holden Russell said:. Much like Mega Gardevoir, if you build your team with him in mind, you can make it shine, but it's not a "glue" sort of pokemon. Search Advanced search….

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  • I may not be able to go to the VGC this year but in the chance I do get to go I want my team to be rated by competitive folks. Klefki @ Air Balloon.

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    But the main idea for this team was to have Charizard Y then build around countering the more commonly used Pokemon in the VGC/Battle. This is my first time making a team for VGC so I'll be needing some assistance c: Manetric @ Manectite Ability: Static / Intimidate EVs: Spe.
    It boosts its already good SDef to such high levels that it doesn't even need investment.

    If you know the opponent's packing Char X, and you don't give them breathing room to use D. Welcome to Smogon! Last edited: Dec 18, It can provide valuable support with options such as Quick Guard and prioroty Tailwind. Protect is pretty much mandatory, as it allows it to stall and avoid super effective moves.

    images smogon vgc 2014 teams
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    For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. RE: Ludicolo Haven't played with it, but it sounds more like a C-rank Pokemon to me in that to be truly effective it needs rain. Any suggestions?

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    If the game allowed for moves per poke, then it'd be a B, but then again, some pokes would be blatantly op too so It's just that in general, Pokemon in B-rank are more solid all-around than Pokemon in C-rank, which are more one-dimensional.

    I consulted with a few VGC players and also looked at the teams of people who top cut regionals / european nationals.

    The reason there are a. Well, this is the first team I've ever posted, and I really would like some criticism to try and improve it. Any criticism would be greatly appreciated. VGC Need Advice For VGC Team Doublade (M) @ Eviolite Ability: No Guard EVs: Atk / Def / 4 HP Relaxed Nature - Shadow.
    Assault Vest version is surprising difficult to take down without taking a hard hit in return thanks to its great coverage and few weaknesses.

    JavaScript is disabled. Search Advanced search…. This team is very interesting, It is definitely far from typical, but none of these gimmicks are very risky, It seems to me that this team should do very well, only question is that if You are using gengar as a special wall breaker you may want to give it specs an alternative that I highly recommend would be a chandelure with a choice scarf as it has better coverage and hits harder.

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    For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Search Advanced search….

    images smogon vgc 2014 teams
    Smogon vgc 2014 teams
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    images smogon vgc 2014 teams

    Even if you want to keep it on him, Gengar won't get any ultimate benefit in the end since a lot of pokes two shot a gengar and have the pleasure of outspeeding it. Quick Guard is an interesting option that has the capability to surprise opponents. Welcome to Smogon!

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    It allows Scizor to pick off weakened opponents. Sorry I couldn't get to you on irc to give you the okay for this earlier.

    Also, first post, so let me know if I'm doing something wrong) I'm working on making a team for online VGC tournaments ingame. I have been.

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    Child Eater (Mawile) (M) @ Mawilite Ability: Intimidate EVs: HP / Atk / 4 SDef Brave Nature IVs: 0 Spd - Iron Head - Sucker Punch - Play. So I've been making vgc teams and testing them on pokemon showdown. This is my team so far and I'd appreciate some suggestions or advice.
    If you know the opponent's packing Char X, and you don't give them breathing room to use D. Search titles only. VGC Sand Team. Search Advanced search…. Perhaps this is my noob showing here but isn't safety goggles a little too paranoid on a talonflame?

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    images smogon vgc 2014 teams
    Discharge hits all Pokemon on the field except for the user and that would be a terrible idea on my part given that 3 members of my team are weak to Electric. Heat Wave takes care of Klefki, Aegislash, Scizor, Mega Mawile, and pretty much any other steels along with hitting both of the opponent's Pokemon.

    Search Advanced search…. It then can come back in later in the battle to clean up or even help sweep with Garchomp, using Discharge as the primary attacking option if sweeping with Garchomp, as Garchomp is immune to it, and using Hydro Pump as a backup move and secondary STAB.

    Mega Venusaur: A rank.

    images smogon vgc 2014 teams

    Flare Blitz is a powerful secondary STAB to be used when a priority attack is not needed or the opponent has a fire-weak Pokemon slower than Talonflame. Mega Gardevoir's calling card is Hyper Voice, which it doesn't have in this format.