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The coins were donated for Jeeva's cause by a group of farmers now employed in low-life jobs. If Vijayakanth was the messiah of Ramanahe's replaced by Vijay in this film. How Modi and Kejriwal are strikingly similar. Showcase your talent to millions!! Vijay has used this opportunity to play diverse roles in the same movie and proves his experience as a performer and as an entertainer. But his transformation from Kathiresan to Jeeva is not handled as convincingly as it ought to be. Kathiresan immediately decides to pretend like Jeevanandam and makes things appear like Jeevanandam is Kathiresan to avoid the cops chasing him. A new vijay. MNCs now is the target like as the Hospitals in the latter. Murugadoss and Vijay have proved yet again what a powerful combo these two can be.

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  • The story of two look-a-likes Kathiresan and Jeevanantham, focusing on the burning issues of farmers committing suicide due to corporate encroachment. Kaththi Movie Review: Critics Rating: 3 stars, click to give your rating/review,​Kaththi is overlong, over-the-top, over-familiar, and overtly preachy.

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    Kaththi is a commercial film and naturally audiences except some heroism, action and romance in it. But here Murugadoss has portrayed his.
    Verdict: Murugadoss delivers a strong commercial movie with a nice social angle, in true Vijay style! Do You Like This Story? The entire story revolves around the fact that the farmers in a village deep south are devoid of water for farming and an MNC Cola Factory has encroached the farmer's property by illegal means.

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    If their earlier film Thuppakki was a well-fleshed out thriller that spoke about the Indian Army, Kaththi is an action-drama that sends a hard-hitting social message.

    Murugadoss uses this section of the film to indict multinational corporations MNC who steal the livelihood of farmers and media for not willing to give villagers a voice.

    Character selection for the movie is good.

    Movie Review Kaththi Movies News

    Their paths cross very early in the movie and the film is set in motion. This isn't one of Vijay's most strongest movies or worst.

    Best South Indian Movies. He smartly uses the dual hero concept by introducing us to a crook Kathiresan Vijaydoing time in a Kolkata prison. Vijay and A. Rectification of very minor forgivable logical flaws in the movie.

    Kaththi is a Indian Tamil-language action film directed by AR Murugadoss. The film stars . Kaththi opened to highly positive reviews from critics.

    Kaththi Movie Review. Kaththi is just a stylish version of Ramana, made on a lavish budget, bigger star. Indo-Asian News Service | October Had Kaththi been a film with loftier ambitions, we might say it begins in medias res – but it does begin with a bang.

    A prison.

    Review Kaththi entertains with a message movies

    An escape.
    Beautiful songs and a thought provoking social message. The length of the movie is a definite dampener, especially those from a bloated first half Diwali overeating??

    Recently the best from Kollywood His voice and the dubbing elevate his overall performance. The only importance given is to Kathiresan. Only negative thing i feel that is the song placement.

    This effort will put, Anirudh in a different league, and given his consistency, he is sure to go places.

    Kaththi review. Kaththi Tamil movie review, story, rating

    Doesn't it remind us of crucifixion? My distaste for the movie stems from the simplicity with which commercial Tamil movie makers want to handle the script - black versus white. Regarding the first half, the screenplay is much slow and dramatic which makes you unfocused off the movie.

    Their previous film together, Thuppakkiwas the biggest blockbuster of

    The fans would automatically expect too much if a successful pair joins hands once again, and in the case of Vijay – A., Tamil Movie News - IndiaGlitz Tamil.

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    Kaththi (aka) Kathi review. Kaththi (aka) Kathi is a Tamil movie with production by Lyca Productions, direction by AR Murugadoss. Kaththi Critics Review & Movie Review, Kaththi Story, Kaththi Trailer, Vijay, Samantha, Neil Nitin Mukesh.
    First half reached up to an above avg with explaining the life of Jeevanandam and the old people. MNCs now is the target like as the Hospitals in the latter.

    Kaththi is all about, how Jeevanandham, a social activist fight against a monstrous MNC company to restore farming. Yagavarayinum Naa Kakka.

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    Farmers would any day prefer some rice over fruits. All this is extremely preachy and unrealistic to believe or even commend.

    Kaththi (aka) Kathi review

    Vijay's Performance:- 9.

    Review about kaththi movie
    Not a really great movie! Over all. Neil Nitin Mukesh fits perfectly into the bill of a corporate boss with no mercy, and his dialogue " Everybody out there has a price" best describes him.

    Of Course the climax is obvious no suspense. Murugadoss is largely successful in presenting story with a socially relevant theme weaved into a superstar action blockbuster narrative. This film will stand out as the Vijay's best acting performance till date.