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Annuler Envoyer. The group has decided not to picket until after the talks. Compare strike verb. That's not life. The numbers given for pickets and demonstrators represent the maximum numbers estimated to be present at any time in the day. They picketed the burger restaurant and handed out leaflets to potential customers.

  • PICKET Définition et synonymes de picket dans le dictionnaire anglais
  • PICKET signification, définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge
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  • picket définition, signification, ce qu'est picket: 1.

    a worker or group of workers who protest outside a building to prevent other workers from. Signification de picket dans le dictionnaire anglais avec exemples d'utilisation. Synonymes On appelle étymologie la recherche de l'origine des mots et leurs.

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    Sauter à la navigation Sauter à la recherche. Véhicule piquet radar suisse TAFLIR pour la détection avancée des aéronefs.

    PICKET Définition et synonymes de picket dans le dictionnaire anglais

    Un piquet radar est une station, un navire, un sous-marin, un aéronef ou un véhicule équipé Dans la terminologie britannique, la fonction de piquetage radar est appelée direction d'​aéronef.
    County workers hold picket outside Gerace Office Building. At a time when many of us check assiduously to make sure the food we eat is organic, grass fed and pesticide-free, we tend to pay less We shall drift back to the bad old days ofwith secondary picketing and flying pickets.

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    My dreams were always small and puny. Voir la conjugaison du verbe cantar en anglais.

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    Apps du dictionnaire.

    Piquetage en anglais recherche
    Save Post a I know that it's wrong. Signification de "picket" dans le dictionnaire anglais.

    images piquetage en anglais recherche

    I grew up with the white picket fence. Thursday a group of protesters lined up outside a Union Avenue McDonald's demanding higher wages.

    Par la suite, il travailla dans le secteur public dans la recherche sur le bois du dictionnaire xvi English/French 1 Anglais/Français 1 French/English adj intersection of setting out axe m repère de piquetage integration intégration f.

    PICKET signification, définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge

    D'autres ont cherché: bois de service dresser des piquets de grève faire du piquet faire du piquetage faire le piquet de grève faire un piquet de grève mine à​. et des autres fonctionnaires qui utilisent le francais dans leur travaiL JI contient donc, a cote. recherche d'adaptation, adaptative piqueter; bomer; r6perer.
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    Demonstrators picketed and chanted outside the company's annual meeting.

    Save Post a Police escorts were provided for tanker drivers who had experienced intimidation by pickets. They have also had to patrol roads picketed by strikers in times of civil disturbance. See also flying picket. I know that it's wrong.

    Ξεναγήσεις δήμου αθηναίων νοεμβριος

    Piquetage en anglais recherche
    The firm's annual general meeting was picketed by union members angry at the decision to cut jobs.

    Word Lists. The first definition of picket in the dictionary is a pointed stake, post, or peg that is driven into the ground to support a fence, provide a marker for surveying, etc. The fact that there will be a limited number of pickets at any factory gate would make it perfectly possible to cope with the situation.

    Even now the factory is being picketed and children are being kept away from school. The union organized a month-long picket.