Lathlain park presentation boards

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images lathlain park presentation boards

After being beaten by 15 goals the previous week by Kensington in a warm up game, the team was able to turn it around to beat them by 3 goals. Some of the best effort on the day came from Noah, Caleb and Isabelle. The Handball match has become a tradition at Lathlain Primary School and is always an event that both Teachers and Students look forward to. In keeping with the school motto 'Seek Strive Learn' there is an emphasis at Lathlain Primary School on lifelong learning and learning how to learn. The Netball team overcame a shaky start to their day when their bibs went missing, however, the problem was rectified and the girls played some great netball over the course of the carnival. Currently at 9. Let's keep working towards a fitter, healthier Lathlain Primary School.

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  • Appendix 1 – Workshop PowerPoint Presentation. Appendix 2 Lathlain Park is reserved for 'Parks and Recreation' under the Metropolitan Region Scheme.

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    (MRS), although is . o Score board: double sided o Attractive. The Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project (LPRP) consists of eight separate project zones that will undergo redevelopment and/or revitalisation, transforming​. WA Manager Sam Morton reminisces about presenting trophies to junior and Fraser Gehrig at Lathlain Park, along with many others at WAFL.
    The event was the culmination of 8 weeks of hard work for our students, running at least 5 kilometres per week over that period.


    The back to back champion hockey team. Blue and gold.

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    Views Read Edit View history. Furthermore, one of the four founding sisters was Sister Columba and so it was decided that an appropriate name for the college would be Iona.

    Terrific Teachers Triumph Again The annual Staff vs Students Handball match took place on the last day of school, with some fierce competition on display.

    images lathlain park presentation boards
    It means a lot of extra work for our teachers, however, they always do it to ensure our students get to participate in such a fun day.

    Brandon K, Ben and Saya all worked really hard in all games to be great contributors on the day.

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    After a quick recess break, the year 3 girls were our next race. They were:.

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    Parents are partners with teachers in the education of our students. The year 5 girls event saw a draw taking place between two groups, however on the re-run it was Anna and Karlyn taking out first place.

    and I remember presenting trophies to junior kids with the likes of a Gehrig at Lathlain Park and other WAFL and Junior Football Clubs.

    at Lathlain Park and has been a frustration to previous Presidents, Boards and CEO's. son Rhys made the presentation to Chris Leonard at this year's. Lathlain Primary School is a Level 5 school situated in the south metropolitan education region. It services the needs of students in the Victoria Park Town.
    The final leg was 2.

    Lathlain finished the day in 2 nd place overall, our best ever result. Keep working hard over the holidays to ensure you can do your best at our next competition.

    images lathlain park presentation boards

    The long bomb event followed over the next couple of days, which allowed a few of the super boots in the school to send a few balls out into the stratosphere. Frederique and Charlotte were close behind. Exterior of Iona Presentation College, pictured in

    images lathlain park presentation boards
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    Round 1.

    Demons District Year 8/9/10 Best And Fairest Night Perth Football Club News

    In the end, nothing separated the two girls at the finish and both were declared champion, only the second time this has happened in cross country history. A very impressive effort! Lathlain finished the day in 2 nd place overall, our best ever result. Well done to Liam M and Daniel P who led the team all day. Faction Points Forrest Cowan Stanley Curtin Lastly, a massive thank you to all of the parents who volunteered their time to help on the day.

    images lathlain park presentation boards