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Most storage racks contain openings in the bottom of the rack to enable a barcode reader to read the 2-D barcodes from below the rack. The longer torso 42 B on bit B is useful for capping or decapping large format sample tubes or vials such as those stored in a channel format or a channel format. Referring in particular to FIG. The process of exchanging adapter bits is also time-consuming. CNU en. Although FIGS. Screw caps on sample tubes can be removed manually but this is a tedious process. Once all the pins 88 are located in the respective pin receiving channels 46the procedure for mounting the adapter bits 28 B on the fittings 26 is similar but in reverse to the steps described in FIGS.

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  • Creating a Profile in the Decapper Software. Safety Labels and Warning Notices used in this and use the enclosed original Hamilton All other trademarks are the property of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and its subsidiaries. Hamilton's automated solution for de-capping and re-capping such tubes addresses this need. Up to two Decapping Modules can be placed on.

    Hamilton Storage Technologies launches the LabElite™ line of by PRO Scientific, Inc. for Automated Sample Decapping, Recapping and Identification Optional 1-D barcode reading of the rack label is also available.
    After the samples in the open tubes have been used, the caps on the cache rack are then screwed back on to the respective tubes in a similar fashion. Manufacturer Hamilton Company.

    Decapping STAR™ Workstation from Hamilton Company SelectScience

    The laser detector can be used to detect whether the receptacles 41 in the magazine 38 are empty and ready to receive adapter bits 28 C. What is claimed is: 1.

    images hamilton label it decapper inc

    At that point, either the mounting shaft 86 is rotated for automatic attachment or the bit 28 is rotated for manual attachment to move the pin through turning portion 52 of the pin receiving channel 46 so that the pins 88 reside at the bottom of the locking portion 50 of the pin receiving channel

    images hamilton label it decapper inc
    Hamilton label it decapper inc
    One of the most common sizes is a tube storage rack which includes eight rows and twelve columns of tube receptacles for holding 96 sample tubes.

    The machines typically include a header with spaced-apart, rotatable fittings designed to engage the head of respective caps in a row of sample tubes in an SBS-formatted storage rack placed in a nest below the header.

    The automated procedure for offloading and mounting bits 28 is described in connection with FIGS. The spring bias of the mounting sleeve 90 then pushes the bit collar 40 downward to move the pins 88 to the top of the locking portion 50 of the pin receiving channels Application Area: Making custom crystallization and formulation screening plates.

    It comprises an SBS-formatted magazine adapter block 36 that is set into the second nest 16 on the deck

    Automated Decapping Integrated to the Microlab STAR. including stands for both single and multi-channel pipettes as well as calibration labels and keys.

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    A laboratory capper, decapper or combination capper/decapper includes a deck Hamilton Storage Technologies, Inc. (Franklin, MA, US) .

    are used to label each of the different rows of adapter receptacles to identify which. Chrom Tech, Inc. Menu. Filters Hamilton. Hamilton Company Logo. Hamilton Company Picture of - CALIBRATION LABELS,/PK. $
    The apparatus as recited in claim 1 further comprising a light sensor to determine whether adapter bits are located in the bit exchange magazine assembly. The individual screw motors in the carriage 22 rotate the fittings 26 slowly as the header 20 applies slight downward pressure until the pins 88 on the fitting shafts 86 find the access portion 48 of the respective pin receiving channel 46at which point the shaft 86 and pin 88 slide into the access portion 48 of the pin receiving channel 46 on the bit A drive mechanism in the apparatus 10 moves the deck 12 horizontally along a Y-axis.

    Once the bit 28 is fully inserted into the receptacle 41 normal forces and friction forces from the retention clasp 74 as shown by arrows 84 hold the bit 28 in place in the receptacle A spring biased sleeve around the fitting pushes downward on the bit collar and biases the pin against the top of the locking portion of the channel to securely lock the bit in place when it is rotated into the locked position.

    It is to be expected that various equivalents, alternatives and modifications are possible within the scope of the appended claims. Automated method for preparing blood sample analysis and automated device therefor.

    images hamilton label it decapper inc
    Automated bit exchange method and apparatus for laboratory sample tube capping and decapping machines.

    images hamilton label it decapper inc

    In order to mount the adapter bit 28 on the mounting shaft 86the pins 88 on the mounting shaft 86 are aligned with the pin receiving channels 46 on the collar 40 of the bit USB2 en. An angled mirror now shown allows the 1-D bar code reader to read bar codes on the side walls of the racks 22 The bits seat within the head of the respective cap and then turn the caps simultaneously by rotating the fittings counterclockwise.

    Biomek i5 Automated Workstation.

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    The pin receiving channel has a locking portion that is rotationally offset from a slot that is accessible from the top rim of the collar vertically downward.